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Customer Testimonials for Mashburn Motors

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Priscilla Woods - 2014 Cadillac CTS-V

Priscilla Woods

I purchased a Cadillac CTS-V Sport back in April 2020.
The whole process was a breeze. I sent a message to the dealership on a Sunday. Kevin contacted me the following day about the car. By Tuesday I was signing the few papers he sent, Thursday my car was on transport, and Sunday, a week later my car was delivered to me in Renton, WA.
Before I tell you about my experience, first you must understand how much stress I was under. Dealing with a salesman across the country is tough. First, I asked myself, can I trust the person I’m talking to? Is the advertisement or the images I am seeing online accurate? Do I really want to wire that much money without the opportunity to see the car in person or drive the vehicle? There were so many things going through my mind in such a short period of time. However, Kevin put me at ease. You might think, because it’s his job to sell cars, of course he made me feel at ease. Not so easy to do, I am skeptical about everyone and everything. Especially if a decision I’m making involves money. I am known to walk away from some opportunities because my gut feeling told me too. I did not get that warning flag when I talked to Kevin. He could tell there was a slight reservation on my part and he totally understood. He asked me to go online and check out reviews before I made my decision. He was very honest about the condition of the car and how well it had been taken care of by the previous owner. When asked for additional pictures of the undercarriage, he sent those over right away. Once my husband looked them over and said it looked good, I was ready to move forward.
Seriously, I wired over the money Wed and 4 days later I had a beautiful car parked at home. A couple of days after I got my car, my husband asked me two questions. Was I happy with my purchase? Yes. The car was exactly what Kevin told me it was. I feel the amount of money I paid for the car was reasonable and I’m glad I found this exact car. His second question, which, he knows is the most important one. Would I buy another car from them if they had what I wanted? YES. As an independent lot (some of the worse places around here) my experience was golden. I’m sure there’s a lot more I can say about my car, but this is a review of Mashburn Motors. LOL! I just want to thank Kevin for making this whole experience a GOOD one. I totally love my car! I only have one regret, thanks to Covid-19, I couldn’t fly in and drive my car home.

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John Franks - 2016 Ram 2500

I called at opening time, got in touch with Kevin let him know I was from out of the area and I was interested in a truck they had with no problems what so ever I test drove the truck and drove it home in 20 minutes! This dealership is great!! The truck is in perfect condition clean, no surprises!!

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Tim Love - 2014 GMC Sierra SLT

As soon as you pull into the lot of Mashburn Motors you can see they're a notch above the rest. From the high quality of their vehicles to the professionalism of the crew. Kevin made a great experience that much better. Friendly, polite and straight forward. We walked in with a grin and walked out with a huge smile and some great memories... thank you fellas.

and i couldn't recommend you enough five stars for sure..

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RPC - 1993 Dodge Viper

Kevin and staff were great to worked with. My Viper arrived flawless and in show room condition. This is the place to find amazing cars!

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Rick Walker - 2005 Ford Roush Mustang

This was an excellent experience purchasing a car. I would and will definitely buy from here again someday. The staff is amazing super nice and trustworthy. You feel like you are among friends when you are at this dealer. The inventory is A+ super amazing vehicles there. I absolutely love my new 05 roush mustang. Also had the privilege to meet the owner. He was super generous and very social. They had the genuine feel and this dealer was super clean. Barret Jackson would approve of this dealer. Thank you all so very much for making my experience top notch! Sincerely Rick and Annie

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Lorie Hall - 2012 Ford Fusion SEL

Kevin made the process very easy. We bought our daughter’s first car which I expect will last many years. The car is low mileage, great condition, as clean as the day it rolled off the assembly line - AND at a fair price! Definitely an above average experience. 

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TT GTO - 2004 Pontiac GTO

This place is the best specialty dealer I’ve ever dealt with, I bought a 2004 GTO from them out of state and drove 630 miles there and was more than impressed with the establishment and the car, Kevin is great guy along with the owner, really stand up great people, would definitely do business anytime with them ????

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Mike Jenuwine - 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

Kevin and Bob were awesome to deal with got real good service from start to finish I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a great vehicle

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Dillon Gottschalk - 2018 Chevrolet Silverado

Mashburn motors had the truck I wanted at a great price. I went to check it out and Kevin helped me and made everything easy and got me an awesome deal on it. There was no pressure and everyone was very friendly and genuine, which is what I liked. They got my new truck a fresh oil change right on the spot. Truck runs and drives excellent, no issues. Overall best experience with a dealership. Highly recommend mashburn motors!

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Lisa Robelli - 2017 Dodge Caravan

Sales staff Kevin Bolter was fast, professional, and made entire experience with buying my van easy, and exciting. Excellent service after purchase and very well priced, nice vehicles for sale. Highly recommend Mashburn Motors if you are looking for good vehicle, great service, and well priced. Easy financing for myself. I'm very pleased with my purchase.